All about comfort

It was in the low 60s this morning. Brisk. But beautiful! We had several storms last night. I don’t think we’re through with them yet. Fine with me. I LOVE storms. Occasionally they make my knees ache, but that’ll never stop me from loving them! This morning at 6 am, it felt like Fall. Not a bitter cold. Nothing harsh. Cool, damp pavement against my bare feet with an equally cool breeze through my hair. I really do take in every day though. Not just days like today. I’m grateful for life. For love. My friends. My family. A warm home filled with laughter and plentiful, comforting meals. I may not express myself this way daily, but I never take time for granted. It is too precious.

A few entries back, I was planning on making veal stew the next day. I’m glad I didn’t. I found some veal chops to throw in there today at the store. Veal chops, stew meat, some beef broth, water, garlic, onions, red peppers, green peppers, seasonings and toward the end, I will add some diced potatos and seasoned green beans. Today seems like a perfect day for a warm hearty meal. However, it’s the first time for me making it IN the slow cooker. So I keep checking on it LOL But it looks fine. I’ve stirred it twice so far. Haven’t added more water to it yet. Will soon though. It smells heavenly!

My boyfriend’s son should be here tonight! The day is FINALLY here! 🙂 We can’t wait. He called a few hours ago and he was on his way then. I hope he never regrets moving here. I want this to be a comfortable home for him. I want him to say “I made the right choice” Even if it’s silently to himself.

Mom and I have very different views on things when it comes to buying extras for the house. She, would like to have lady bugs and butterflies everywhere, LOL I would like to have lots of necessities. Big pillows. Not too hard. Not too soft. But big, comfy, pillows! Blankets available to keep you warm enough without sweating to death, but able to sleep through the night. Extra towels for the shower. She HATES when I want to buy more towels. LOL I’m not a “typical” woman who has do not touch towels. No. Everything I have, has a purpose and a use. But she never wants me to buy them LOL Candles. I love candles! soothing light. Possibly lightly scented, but they don’t even need to be. I live for the soft glow of candles!

Ahh – Embrace those things and people who bring comfort to your life!

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