Kim Dong Wan’s 1st album

Kim Dong Wan

I just listened to Kim Dong Wan’s 1st album. It’s not too bad. Good effort.

One thing I didn’t like would be him losing weight. He looks so thin now. Not good.
My blog’s playing the song he did with Andy! Perfect for Summer. He covered glayXexile ‘s Scream (i was crazy over the japanese version when it came out last year). It might offend of the original piece’s fans but give it a chance, it’s quite nice too.

Kim Dong Wan Live

So proud of Kim Dong Wan. Haha. I’ll never forget that he waved to me at the concert. I’m not hallucinating la.

albums I’m gonna attack at my next purchase:
1. Kim Dong Wan 1 jib
2. BoA Made in Twenty
and a few more dvds and Shinhwa’s past albums that I’ve been wanting.

I was just watching some of the 7th Jib Brand New performances and I think the title song is gonna be the evergreens sia. I still groove to it even now. 3 years on after seeing them at Euphoria. haha. And again last year in concert~i was mad singing to every song!!. I’ll seriously wonder what is it like if Shinhwa didn’t appear. I guess I wouldn’t like kpop as much.

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