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Froggy Fun Charm 13pcs

Froggy Fun Charm 13pcs

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Hop into fun with our adorable Froggy Fun Charm from ShoeLucky! Whether you’re a nature lover or just love adding a splash of personality to your Crocs, this little green friend is the perfect addition. Made from durable, waterproof material, this charming amphibian is designed to stay put, no matter where your adventures take you.

With its big, cheerful eyes and a smile that’s just contagious, the Froggy Fun Charm is here to bring a bit of the great outdoors to your favorite footwear. Whether you're hopping through puddles or lounging by the pool, this cute critter is sure to make a splash!


  • Bright and Bold: Our Froggy Fun Charm features vibrant colors that catch the eye and bring your Crocs to life. The charming green hue, highlighted by the frog’s joyful expression, ensures it stands out, whether you're in the sun or the shade. The high-quality pigments are resistant to fading, so your Froggy Fun Charm will remain bright and lively even after many adventures.

  • Durable Design: Crafted from premium, durable materials, the Froggy Fun Charm is built to last as long as your favorite pair of Crocs. It's made to withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear, be it outdoor escapades, beach trips, or just a casual day out. Its robust construction ensures it won’t easily break or lose its shape, providing you with a reliable companion for all your footwear needs.

  • Easy Attachment: The Froggy Fun Charm features a user-friendly design that makes attaching and removing it a breeze. With a secure yet simple snap-on mechanism, you can effortlessly customize your Crocs without any fuss. Want to change up your look? Just pop it off and swap it with another charm from ShoeLucky’s delightful collection, giving you endless possibilities to express your style.

Bring a smile to your every step with the Froggy Fun Charm from ShoeLucky – it’s ribbit-ing good fun for all ages!

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